If you go to sites such as http://nathaniellaurent.com you will realize that there are various ways in which you can build a profitable home based business. One of the ways of earning well while working from home is to create a blog. nathaniellaurent.com and other sites give a breakdown of how a person can go ahead and create a blog, how they need to choose hosting sites, domain names and more including some sites like nathaniellaurent even inform of where templates can be got from to create the blog.

However, what nathanielLaurent and other sites do not inform is why people should become bloggers. Infact, blogging impacts various aspects of life. Here are some reasons why you should blog.


  1. It helps you be become a better writer.
  2. It helps you with clarity of thought and you find that you are becoming a better thinker as well as you are able to delve deeper into various aspects of your life.
  3. When you start writing about your life and the various facets, you will realize that intentionally you will start thinking as to who you are, what you are becoming in life and whether you like what you are turning into or not and how you will progress.
  4. It will help you to concentrate on meaningful things and disregard the rest
  5. It will help to be live a healthier life
  6. You will get to meet new people, learn from them
  7. You will find that you inspire people and help them to change their life
  8. You will make money in the bargain
  9. You will get well rounded in your approach about life
  10. You can start on this for free
  11. It can be a personal journal for you
  12. You will get more confident as you keep writing.