Natural living is interpreted in different ways and by different people. It could be interpreted as a toxic free way of life. It could be considered of getting rid of toxins and harmful chemicals. Others consider it as a cruelty free way of life and they refrain from using any products that have been tested on animals and they refrain from eating animals as well or even fish or eggs for that matter. There are others who write natural living blogs and more which consists of using of only natural products.

cruelty free

Natural living is interpreted as using whatever materials and products that can be found in nature. This means using of items which are made of steel or glass and wood instead of using items made of plastic. It consists of using clothes which are made of cotton, wool and silk rather than using clothes made of artificial fibres such as polyester or nylon. It consists of buying household, personal and food products which are made of natural ingredients rather than of artificial colors, flavors and food sources. It consists of refraining from additives, stabilizers and more.

It is not possible in the world today to avoid all manmade products but the amount of consumption or use should be kept to the bare minimum. Another thing is that there are certain items which need to be man made and it cannot be natural else it will be more harmful. For example, a helmet cannot be made of natural products like wood or even glass.

There should however  be a healthy balance between natural and man made products. If something is organically produced it is more healthy for consumption. For example, organic fruit and vegetable are grown without harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers put into the soil and therefore, it is more healthy to consume.