When traveling with your office colleagues for a business tour, one always wishes to travel with a safe and convenient traveling. The cramped and uncomfortable buses are gone and new executive transportation services are available for the large corporate group (www.dottransfers.com). The executive transportation coaches are very much spacious, large motor coaches, and comfortable, that can accommodate a large group for any distance trip. The distance could be either go towards town or across the country, the executive transportation will reach the entire group with ease.

Benefit for the Executive Transportation Service:

  • The buses are very much comfortable and can accommodate many passengers in one coach.
  • The ride is smooth and it ensures air ride suspension.
  • There is no need to stop and take halts for visiting lavatories, as there are onboard lavatories present inside the coach itself.
  • The seats are very comfortable, reclining seats and spacious seating are

dot transfers



  • There are card tables available that are based on bus configuration for conducting any event in the bus, in the case of a long
  • There are arrangements for entertainment for passengers traveling: LCD television, DVD player, AM/ FM/ CD player, and Wi-Fi is also available for free internet access during traveling. Thus, if a trip is arranged for an official visit, one can prepare a presentation and prepare for the meeting and discuss with everyone during travel only, without wasting the time.
  • The drivers of the executive transportation service (dottransfers.com) have an excellent experience. The drivers are pleasant and soft in behavior, professional and fully licensed and insured drivers are provided. These are not like other bus drivers, they come up with great experience and are trained to handle any kind of situation.
  • The drivers are dependable, having cheerful and pleasant attitudes, well f=groomed and will surely make your riding pleasure.


The service provided for executive transportation is suitable for the large corporate group to make their business trip pleasant and comfortable.