As you take your child along during your drive, in child’s car seat, you feel much secure about safety and security. But more than injury the worst feeling comes, when an abrupt sound comes from the back seat of child, and you realize that before you stop in the corner to find out what’s the problem things are already messed up.

What if your child urinates, poops, vomits and a lot more on the car seat? That’s an horrible and terrible situation to handle for a parent. Unfortunately poor parents are always left with only two options either unusable seat or cleaning the whole mess on their own. Here are some tips to know how to clean and maintain the seat:

car seat nerd

– Start cleaning the harness. Wash it with wet cloth and use gentle soap. Let it out in open and fresh to remove the stinking smell. And clean the buckles of belt by dipping in washing powder.

– Clean the mess on day itself, so that it doesn’t remain sticking to seat and makes the seat totally useless.

-Never use washing machine for cleaning harness as this can reduce the tensile strength of the material, causing another problem of increasing the chance of accident. You might make your child sit even with this weak strength belt, and it might not support child at time of jerk.

– Remove the major chunk of matter which is removable by cloth. Procrastinating for next day, might mean wasted for ever and you might have to throw away the seat.

-Avoid soap for washing clothes as this can reduce the integrity of molecules of webbing.

Now since you have few tips from cleaning manual. You can even try, so that you can get ample of choices and reviews before you invest your money.  Car seat nerd also makes sure that you remain updated about different innovations and importance on health.